Figures Waiting 2012

Artist's Statement


Christopher Lantz’ views on his own paintings from, “Notes on His Process and Attitude.”


When I complete a work (or think I have), I leave the painting around the house, against a chair, table leg, on the back of a sofa or anywhere I can really view the painting. There it may sit for days, weeks, months even.  I glance at it, bird like, from time to time; anytime I’m in its space - washing dishes, just fiddling around. Sometimes I’ll stop and study the painting from another angle, and so it goes - that invisible seeking within the painting.


There are times when I am dead certain that a work was painted in gold itself.  If I see the picture begins to falter and dim: its time we share the “garbage walk.” 


Sometimes a certain work that had been sitting around for a time, one of which I had little hope begins to move and stretch out like it is creating its own space.  The painting begins to dance.  It’s then I hear a sound, the work’s own sound, maybe.


That is why I paint.