Winter Dance Steps 2014

Career Chronology


Presently                     Resides and paints in the “House of Symphonies,” Santa Fe, New Mexico


2016                            One Man Show, Phil Space, Santa Fe, New Mexico


1984-Present              Sold internationally from private gallery and by commission.


June 2005                   One Man Show, Susan Swartzberg Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico


April 2004                   Program speaker and One Man Show, La Musica, Sarasota, Florida


April 2003                   One Man Show, La Musica, Sarasota, Florida


1988                            “Symphonia for One Dancer” performed:

                                    Taos Spring Arts Festival, New Mexico

                                    Carnegie Hall, New York, NY


                                    Development of dance choreography, based upon a single dancer’s          

                                    control of musical score through dance movements following the

                                    interpretation of seven large paintings.


1970-1984                   “Art Scores” Paintings

                                     Development and performance combining painting with original musical



1984                            “House of Symphonies,” a creation of a four thousand square foot

                                     acoustical structure containing the performance and scoring in unique

                                     graphic musical languages for more forty-nine symphonies.


1983                            Exhibition – Santa Fe Arts Festival, NM


1982                            One Man Show – The Loft Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


1981                            One Man Show – Cicchinelli Gallery, New York City, NY


1980                            Three day festival for the performance of “Art Score” Paintings, NYC, NY

                                    One Man Show – Cicchinelli Gallery, New York City, NY

                                    One Man Show – Washington Square Church Gallery, NYC, NY


1953-1988                   Composer of over two hundred works including one opera and three

                                    symphonies. The music has been performed the United States, Canada,

                                    Europe and South America.


1960-1978                   Cofounder and Associate Director, The Society for the Performance of

                                    Contemporary Music


                                    Conducted over one hundred-fifty concerts of contemporary and avant

                                    garde music in both Europe and the United States.


1968-1969                   Lecturer, Computer composition for music, improvisation and musical

                                    aesthetics.   Lectured at numerous universities and colleges, including

                                    Smith, L.S.U., Kent State, Spelman, and Morehouse.


1966-1968                   Post-doctorate of research and developing sound systems for computer

                                    music.   PDP-6 Artificial Intelligence Center, Stanford University, CA


1960-1968                   Stanford University M.A., Doctor of Musical Arts, Ph.D. Acoustical Physics


1955-1960                   Bard College B.A. Music        


1960-1978                   Composer/conductor, International Society for American Composers.


1967                             Resident Composer, Marlboro Music Festival, Vermont


1964                             Newberry Scholarship


1963                             Ojai Festival Student Composition Award, Ojai, California


1962                             Honorary Performance, San Francisco Conservatory, CA


1960-1966                    Leland Smith, Stanford University, California


1960 & 1961                 Stanford Humanities Prize, Stanford University, California


1955-1957                     Paul Nordhoff, Bard College, New York


1954                              Roger Sessions, Princeton, New Jersey


1950-1954                     Milton Babbit (Pulitzer Prize Winner, 1982), New York, NY