The House of Symphonies


In the autumn of 1985 Christopher Lantz purchased fifteen acres in the wilderness of north central New Mexico.  The construction began with a series of connecting acoustic anacronic chambers (rooms responsive to sound vibrations).  When the structure was complete the building encompassed four thousand square feet. 


The interior walls of the chambers are covered with abstract designs, patterns – very much like petroglyphs set in the walls.  The purpose for these “petroglyphs” is to indicate sound patterns when activated in these chambers to open unique new levels of musical awareness. 


In the following twenty plus years, hundreds of individuals, all students, came and contributed their time and effort to work and share with me in this search for the new music.  There are no recordings of our musical efforts.  There was no none-participating audience or electrical device to record our labors.


In time the building with built-in musical scores, became known as The House of Symphonies also referred to as The House of Forty-nine Symphonies. 

My House 2015